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Adding an https connector to embedded Tomcat 7

The api to add https support to an embedded tomcat server follows the corresponding server.xml elements pretty closely. For example: Connector httpsConnector = new Connector(); httpsConnector.setPort(443); httpsConnector.setSecure(true); httpsConnector.setScheme(“https”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keyAlias”, keyAlias); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystorePass”, password); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystoreFile”, keystorePath); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“clientAuth”, “false”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“sslProtocol”, “TLS”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“SSLEnabled”, true); … Continue reading

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Tomcat and Servlet 3.0 Web Configuration

Tomcat 7 is now in production, and one of its new features is support for Servlet 3.0. Servlet 3.0 is…well, hard to remember what’s in there. But actually, it does have some ease of deployment features that open up the … Continue reading

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Embedding Tomcat 7

One of the more anticipated features of Tomcat 7 is the ability to run as an embedded server like Jetty. We use Tomcat 6 in production, but embedded Jetty more and more for running and testing during development (in Eclipse). … Continue reading

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