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Developer-Driven Database Design

Databases designed and maintained collectively by teams of developers using┬ámostly migration tools and ORMs display certain defining characteristics: All columns except for primary keys are nullable. No indexes except on primary and maybe foreign keys. Lots of bit columns. ‘Type’ … Continue reading

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Setting up Puppet on Windows

Our system configuration strategy consists mainly of saved VMs, a hodgepodge of scripts and notes scattered about, a lot of manual effort, and good intentions. We have a mixed linux/windows environment so we’ve never been sure if the new DevOps … Continue reading

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Configuring Spring Integration channels without XML

I’ve been looking at some messaging frameworks lately and trying to find something that’s not too obtrusive. Spring Integration seems straightforward, plays nicely with our other Spring stuff, and runs in your application, which is a plus for us, but … Continue reading

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Adding more users to your EC2 instance with IAM

Amazon makes it easy to try out AWS with a free micro instance. As you start using it more, one of the first things you might want to do is let others have access to your instance. Using the IAM … Continue reading

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Adding an https connector to embedded Tomcat 7

The api to add https support to an embedded tomcat server follows the corresponding server.xml elements pretty closely. For example: Connector httpsConnector = new Connector(); httpsConnector.setPort(443); httpsConnector.setSecure(true); httpsConnector.setScheme(“https”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keyAlias”, keyAlias); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystorePass”, password); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystoreFile”, keystorePath); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“clientAuth”, “false”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“sslProtocol”, “TLS”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“SSLEnabled”, true); … Continue reading

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Building Flex 4.1 projects with Maven and Flexmojos

Adobe relies on ant for its main flex build tool, but Sonatype now has a very functional Maven 3 plugin. It’s still in beta but seems stable enough, and it has the usual advantages over ant. To try it out, … Continue reading

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Developing for the Blackberry Playbook with Flex

In early March, I noticed RIM’s offer to develop an app for their new tablet, sportily named ‘The Playbook’, by March 31 to win a free device. Because I wanted to try out Adobe’s new 4.5 mobile SDK anyway and … Continue reading

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How to find a file’s image type by looking at its bytes (in Java)

Byte arrays and byte streams get used a lot in java, but it’s rare to do anything with individual bytes. Many file types start with certain bytes, though, and can be quickly identified by them. In my case, I had … Continue reading

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Tomcat and Servlet 3.0 Web Configuration

Tomcat 7 is now in production, and one of its new features is support for Servlet 3.0. Servlet 3.0 is…well, hard to remember what’s in there. But actually, it does have some ease of deployment features that open up the … Continue reading

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How to create QR Codes in Java

Bar codes aren’t just for cereal boxes any more. 2-D barcodes like QR Codes are easily read by smart phones and are showing up everywhere from magazines to restaurant fronts to business cards. With some of the open-source libraries out … Continue reading

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