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Simple client-side validation with JSF and Primefaces

The conventional wisdom for JSF seems to be that server-side form validation is good enough and client-side validation should be avoided. Even if your component library makes it relatively easy, raw javascript is hard to maintain in a jsf environment, … Continue reading

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My neighborhood is first in line for Google Fiber

Woohoo! My neighborhood association is #1 in line for Google Fiber. You can suck it, Wornall Homestead, in your lame second-place position! Of course, we’re only first in Kansas City, MO (KCMO). Google will actually start installing in Kansas City, … Continue reading

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Setting up an Android ContentProvider with a join

Android’s ContentProvider and related APIs allow for joins, but you usually just see simple single-table reads being used. I assume most people just create big denormalized tables in Android, but I still wanted to try out a content provider based … Continue reading

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Developer-Driven Database Design

Databases designed and maintained collectively by teams of developers using¬†mostly migration tools and ORMs display certain defining characteristics: All columns except for primary keys are nullable. No indexes except on primary and maybe foreign keys. Lots of bit columns. ‘Type’ … Continue reading

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Setting up Puppet on Windows

Our system configuration strategy consists mainly of saved VMs, a hodgepodge of scripts and notes scattered about, a lot of manual effort, and good intentions. We have a mixed linux/windows environment so we’ve never been sure if the new DevOps … Continue reading

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Book Review: Programming Android

Programming Android¬†provides a good, comprehensive view of Android application architecture, but for someone already familiar with java, it starts slowly…reeeeeeeeaallly slowly. There are sections on installation of the Android SDK, basic concepts of standard java (like its type system), a … Continue reading

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Looking for HTML5 Nirvana

This is a dumb question, but does HTML5 support true cross-browser compatibility? Or, I should say, is it browser-agnostic? I kinda thought the latest versions of the major browsers were all converging on the same standards anyway, so I tried … Continue reading

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Configuring Spring Integration channels without XML

I’ve been looking at some messaging frameworks lately and trying to find something that’s not too obtrusive. Spring Integration seems straightforward, plays nicely with our other Spring stuff, and runs in your application, which is a plus for us, but … Continue reading

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Adding more users to your EC2 instance with IAM

Amazon makes it easy to try out AWS with a free micro instance. As you start using it more, one of the first things you might want to do is let others have access to your instance. Using the IAM … Continue reading

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In Praise of Pre-built Software Components That Keep Me From Having to Learn Things

We would all like to be spending our time learning Forth or competing on TopCoder or writing compilers, but sadly we are often forced instead to work on things that will satisfy the intellectually dreary business requirements of a paying … Continue reading

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