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Book review: Programming Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services is a vast ecosystem and Programming Amazon EC2 by Jurg van Vliet and Flavia Paganelli strikes a nice balance between explaining general concepts and providing practical coding examples. It’s a great way to get started with EC2. … Continue reading

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Adding an https connector to embedded Tomcat 7

The api to add https support to an embedded tomcat server follows the corresponding server.xml elements pretty closely. For example: Connector httpsConnector = new Connector(); httpsConnector.setPort(443); httpsConnector.setSecure(true); httpsConnector.setScheme(“https”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keyAlias”, keyAlias); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystorePass”, password); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“keystoreFile”, keystorePath); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“clientAuth”, “false”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“sslProtocol”, “TLS”); httpsConnector.setAttribute(“SSLEnabled”, true); … Continue reading

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