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What is the Cognos SDK?

The Cognos SDK occupies a strange position in the Cognos development ecosystem. It gets thrown around as a solution to a number of problems, but a lot of people who work all the time in Report Studio or Framework Manager … Continue reading

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How to make custom-shaped tabs in Flex

Flex gives you decent tab components that are simple to use, but if you want a shape more interesting than a rectangle with rounded corners, it takes a little extra work. Start with a basic TabBar: which gets you this… … Continue reading

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Developers’ Learned Helplessness

In the 1960s, psychologists experimenting on dogs found that subjects given electric shocks with no hope of relief learned to be helpless. Even in subsequent experiments that did provide a means of escaping the pain, the dogs passively submitted without … Continue reading

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Cognos won’t save you from needing a dba

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could let non-technical users query useful information and create reports from your data without getting your technical people involved? A big part of the appeal of business intelligence tools like IBM Cognos is the … Continue reading

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Does actionscript have javascript’s gotchas?

Actionscript is a dialect of ECMAScript and therefore very close to javascript, but it really doesn’t feel it, especially when you’re following the usual advice to use static typing. I was curious if some of javascript’s peculiarities (like these and … Continue reading

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